Experimenting with Collage in Photoshop

“This is my first experience in Photoshop. I used effects, different colors and combined like five different photos together. I just got creative with my work and made my collage live.”

-Jennifer Rivera


“I experimented with a lot of great things to some of the pictures. I used so many things in filter, a lot of colors”


“What I think about my collage is that it’s weird and I played around with the pictures… I was just cutting stuff that was interesting to me!”


“I just had in my mind a girl being afraid of who she is. She doesn’t want to show who she is because she thinks that everyone is gunna make fun of her…”


A Work in Progress

By: Priscilla

“It’s about lots of pictures in one and I got it black and white because for me it stands out and I’m focused on people. I got a hand, I got eyes, I got a prego. I made a prego by the rusty pipe with the flash of the camera. I made a mood with the corn. I made it look like if it’s trees and it all means eyes on me”


A Work in Progress

By: Yasmin


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