Blog Posts – March 30th

The Moment

By: Aaliyah

As it is captured. Every moment, every second.
The moment when you can get everything so little that can mean so much.
The moment of a picture to a picture.
Black in white into grays and blues.
The texture is just too true.
A pictures fake but the moment was real.
A life without a camera,
Now that is a big deal!
My images look like dark to gray
to passing the clouds into our world.
Like for instance the world how the galaxy is black then fades,
Close to the earth pass the clouds
Then you’re on the ground that is so bright, full of life.
So the world and out lives make everything worth while
Now smile for the camera because
This is your moment!

This poem is dedicated to Juelz Marquise Barr and Don Gunna.

This is a continuation of Jesenia’s independent project about the meaning of tattoos.

Subject: Quinn Rita

She’s got tattoos and they are mean something special to her. This one reminds her on one of her best memories growing up, as well as her love for the woods because she comes from New York. Where there’s not a lot of natural places.

By: Yaritza

I took a picture of a student project. And she did an awesome project. It’s a big brain and I really don’t know what her project was about, but to me no one will go anywhere without a brain.

Picture yourself in the brain of Jesenia. Where will you go in her brain? What will you ask? Why are there so many colors? She starts with pink cause I gave her a headache. And no pills will release her pain, for me being in her brain.

By: Elisa

I took pictures of three different artworks. And my pictures are different than the original pictures. My pictures have different angles, different shading. The images are smaller. They have a reflection of the light.

By: Priscilla Colon

I just took these pictures because I was just thinking random today. My mind was not on one thing. These pictures can be a memory of today. Every picture that can be taken keeps a memory, like my daughter’s picture. And those are important to me because as she grows, there are memories of some of the first day that she learned something. She would see them when she got older and have those moments for her.


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