About the Program

Basic Program Overview

The Care Center is a GED acquisition program for pregnant and mothering women in their teens and early twenties, who are no longer attending traditional high school. The Care Center’s curriculum model is based on a holistic approach to education which integrates organizational themes modeled off of College-Preparatory schools in the surrounding area. The program is composed of core classes and electives, including arts and physical activities. In addition there is accessible transportation for students and their children, meals, a nurse, a day care facility, counseling staff and extensive academic support.

The Care Center both nurtures students allowing them to engage in the fun and challenges of school, as well as supports them as parents by helping them work towards passing the GED exam and continuing on to college.


Photo Program

The photo program for the Care Center has been underway for many years now, though it has gone through some drastic changes as a part of the learning process. The class started out in the darkroom, but the time requirements in addition to the chemical presence for pregnant and breastfeeding students facilitated a need to switch to digital equipment.

The digital program began by focusing on students learning about composition techniques in the studio setting, and has since evolved to include exercises inside and outside of the studio. The class is now focusing on camera skills (basic metering, framing, manual focus etc…) in addition to composition, so that students may begin to understand the full breadth of camera mechanics. Students now not only use the studio, but also the digital lab for editing and critiques and engage in an array of field trips to galleries and museums in the area. Most of the printing of student work happens at the Care Center or is done by third party businesses, since the program doesn’t have the budget needed to print at the Hampshire College facilities.



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