For Friday, October 14th: Think about your photographs at large:

Are there things you want to change about them? (color, black and white, cropping, cutting something out, blurring etc)

Is there a group of photos that you think go well together? A series? A diptych?

Could you photo be improved with text? A story?

Is there a group of photos that would look interesting as a photo-collage? (Check out examples at the bottom of this page.

** Try to think about pushing your photos to the next level with these techniques.


Assignment I due Friday September 30th: Bring in a photograph from a magazine, book, newspaper, or online and write 1-2 sentences about why you think this is a good photograph. Be sure to use ideas like framing, composition, color, lighting, cropping etc. The photo you choose will be a taking off point for what you will be shooting next class.

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